Where did you host your web site?

I will let you know about hosting via AWS.

Why AWS?

AWS has a lot of great services. When you have an accounts then easy to setup for your site.

CloudFront : Support CDN services

Your Site will be cached all of the world. It means wherever visit your site, the response time is really fast.

S3: Reasonable Prices

-> S3 is really reasonable price and easy to upload your contents.

Route 53 :

link your domain and S3/CloudFront

Step 1

Buy your own Domain like my site "www.designerbaek.com"

You can buy domain at https://www.namecheap.com etc..

Create Amazon AWS Account -> Visit https://aws.amazon.com


Step 2 : Upload & Setup S3

 Create a S3 Bucket


Upload your contents into S3 Bucket & Make Public


After Created your bucket then upload your site contents (html/css/javascript)

Select all -> Click Mouse Right Button -> Make Public

Set S3 Bucket Properties


Click Edit Policy Button


Set Permission & Enable website hosting. That's all.

Step 3 Setup CloudFront

Important Step

Do you remember your bucket endpoint url? Copy your bucket endpoint url!

Create Distribution 


Select Web -> Get Started!

This step is really important. Just follow my step.


Again. Don't select list itemsPaste your bucket endpoint url in Origin Domain Name

Set Distribution Settings -> Alternate Domain Names


Set your domain name at Alternate Domain Names. You don't need to set others.

Click Create Distribution. That's all!


When Status is Deployed then you can access your site via CloudFront Domain Name.

Remember your CloudFront Domain Name. It will be used in Route53.

Step 4. Setup Route53.

Wow..Almost done. This is final step!!

Create Host Zone -> Enter your own domain name.


Create "Type A" Record Set -> You have to make 2 Type A Record

First Type A Record -> keep blank Name.

Second Type A Record -> Enter "www" at Name.


Fist Type A is allow access your website like this "http://yourdomain.com"

Second Type A is allow access your website like this "http://www.yourdomain.com"

Ok? Let's make Record Set!


(When you clicked input form then list will be shown. Don't select list items)

Paste your cloud front domain url at Alias Target.

Do you remember your cloud front domain url?


You can see your cloud domain name at CloudFront Dashboard.

Ok That's it! Please wait for 15-25 minutes until deployed. After that open your browser and try access your site "http://yourdomain.com" or "http://www.yourdomain.com"

You have done hosting your awesome portfolio site via AWS service!

If you have any questions then please leave comment this post.


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청춘 yoshiboarder

Interaction Designer + Developer {ios, react-native, pebble watch, apple watch, front-end, parse, augmented reality, parse}

The best travel apps for Pebble Watch

I bought a two Pebble Smart Watches in September 2015. I'm really love my pebble watches. And I started develop pebble watch apps what I want to do.

I decided making an travel apps. Because I'm really love traveling.

Pebble Time Round

Pebble Time Steel

Pebble App Development

Pebble SDK is support 2 options. Language C and JavaScript. But JavaScript API has some limitations so I choose Language C API.

The documents of Pebble SDK is really easy to understand. You can check developer site : https://developer.pebble.com

TravelCrumbs app is inspired from Hansel and Gretel stories. They spread bread crumbs to find tracks. TravelCrumbs seems like breadcrumbs because to remember my travel route.

In my experience, While traveling I have to spend money to visit, eat, ride and stay some places. All of my tracks is related spent money.

I focused on When, Where, How much spent your money while traveling. And How to easy log your tracks. From this questions, TravelCrumbs app is made.


TravelCrumbs App is released May 30, 2016.  Now v 3.3 is available. I will continue to update!

How to use

While I'm traveling in euroupe, I had making an instruction video.

And My TravelCrumbs users will making an contents of  "How to use travelcrumbs". I will update this post.

Translation Contributor

I'm really appreciate for all of translation contributors. It was really awesome! Thanks you so much!


Facebook : derik s scott and Bart Pang

Thanks derik s scott!

Thanks Bart Pang!


Twitter : @tescaso, Toni Bernat

Thanks Tiempo escaso!

Thanks Toni Bernat!


twitter : @Salomon

Thanks Salomon!


Marco Garzola

Thanks Marco Grazola!


twitter: @blegueni

Thanks Benjamin LE GUENIC


discoord : @Zelaf Ary

Thanks zelaf!

Design Contributor

My friend JongMoo Lee helps me promotion images

Thanks JongMoo Lee!

User Feedbacks

I meet a lot of users. They give me an great feedbacks. Thanks a lot!

by Eric Migicovsky, Pebble CEO

by Pebble Appstore

by Reddit

by Twitter

by Facebook

Installation Status of TravelCrumbs

2017. Feb.11

I have 337 Pebble users and 83 likes. Now It becomes really popular pebble apps.

Now Available in Pebble Appstore

download below link


Next Step

Now I'm making an iOS, Android Apps for TravelCrumbs with my friend. But I'm hesitate to making next version of TravelCrumbs on fitbit. As you known, Pebble is required by fitbit. If the fitbit team is supporting or considering pebble developer than I will making fitbit apps. If not... then I will making an apple watch version of TravelCrumbs.

Anyway I hope release mobile version of TravelCrumbs soon!

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청춘 yoshiboarder

Interaction Designer + Developer {ios, react-native, pebble watch, apple watch, front-end, parse, augmented reality, parse}

잘 있어요 티스토리

조만간 티스토리 블로그에서 워드프레스로 옮길 예정입니다.

오랜기간 사용했던 블로그이지만 ...멀티플랫폼 지원때문에 옮기기로 결정했습니다.

워드프레스도 wordpress.com이 있고 wordpress.org가 있는데 자세히 알아보니 .com은 플러그인등 사용에 제약사항이 많이 있고 .org의 경우 플러그인 설치(예를 들어 구글 애드센스 등)이 자유로운 반면에 호스팅을 해야 된다는 단점이 있습니다.

저는 플러그인 설치가 자유로운 .org를 이용하여 호스팅할 예정입니다. 워드프레스가 일반 사용자는 다루기 어렵다는 이야기가 있는데...사실 호스팅 업체를 사용하면 됩니다. 

이곳저곳 알아보니 siteground라는 호스팅 업체가 월 방문객 10000명 이하의 블로거들에게는 가장 괜찮은 선택인 것 같습니다.

가입 -> 클릭 -> 자동세팅 완료로 워드프레스 블로그가 생성됩니다.

암튼 블로그 옮기는 가장 큰 이유는 이동시에는 아이패드를 주로 쓰는데...아무리 기다려도 아이패드 앱이 나올 기미가 안보이네요

워드프레스는 전용앱이 있고 .org로 호스팅했더라도 자유롭게 쓸 수 있다는 장점이 있네요

워드프레스로 옮기게 되더라도 저의 블로그 자주 방문 부탁드립니다.

주로 다룰 주제는 아마도 "웹개발", "ios 개발", "스케치 디자인 툴", "ux" "IT 기기 리뷰/앱 리뷰", "여행"이 될 것 같습니다 

물론 예전에 다루던 증강현실도 다시 다뤄볼 예정이오니 블로그 세팅이 끝나면 주소 남길 예정입니다.

감사합니다 :)  

사실 이 글을 아무도 보지 않을지도 모르지만 ㅜ

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청춘 yoshiboarder

Interaction Designer + Developer {ios, react-native, pebble watch, apple watch, front-end, parse, augmented reality, parse}